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Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that this is my personal website. If anyone asks me the why and how did I took this immense step in my life, then I would genuinely say that my ‘passion towards literature’ was the only reason behind this.

About how it all started

Since my childhood till the end of my bachelors, I used to read novels a lot (both Nepali and English). I mostly used to get fascinated by fictional novels. The flow of the story with every pages and the delight in imagining the scenes inside my mind used to be very alluring to me. I was so obsessed with novels that there wouldn’t be a single day without a book beside my pillow. Mostly, the travelling time used to be the ideal time for me to read. While every other person in travel used to be busy sleeping or listening music, I used to read and read and read.
The one thing I used to like about was the way I used to read novels. Most of the people are very hardcore reader; they read whole day and probably whole night to complete a book at one shot. But, I wasn’t that voracious kind of reader. Few pages or a chapter a day unlike in holidays because I used to take novels as a refreshment or a break from my usual course studies. This used to cool down my mind. Moreover, I don’t know how but I used to find that genuine happiness whenever I used to hold a novel and go through the each and every words of it.
So, as soon as I completed my bachelors, I had so much of idle time. Yes! that time was more suitable for me to swallow novels in more faster rate. But then, my mind came up with this idea of writing. Till then, the habit of reading novels had developed a subtle skill of writing in me. I quickly googled on how to open a blog. It showed me a lot of ways and websites to jump to among which WordPress was what I chose. And since I started writing, I read very less.

About what it contains

The primary motive was to narrate short and sweet fictional stories or some poetic words. But now, here in this website, I scribble down blogs, articles and my personal thoughts as well.

The posts are truly self-generated, not copied or retrieved from anywhere. Whatever my mind engenders at a time, I just jot them down here. While writing any article or news about the current affairs or scandals, I keep in mind that I am not a journalist. I don’t belong to any political party or organisation. I just write my feelings (from a perspective of a normal citizen) that may be the general thought of the public on the particular subject.

So people, if you are reading this, then I just want to make sure that whenever you are here, you will be having a sublime time. You won’t feel your precious time going in vain and you won’t regret visiting my website. I will try to make everything worth reading. I promise.

Enjoy Reading!!


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