Earthquake victims, How will they survive?

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It’s still the same as it was,
It’s still there where it was,
Sky is daunting,
Nature is howling,
Intimidated by even a wisp of wind,
Disheartened by the fallen roof,
Still helpless,
Still homeless,
Becoming hopeless,
With all these hassles in front,
Earthquake victims, how will they survive?

While that huge and deleterious earthquake is just a few weeks away from celebrating its anniversary, the poor victims in rural areas are still facing the troubles. Everyone is well known about Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk, the most destroyed districts by earthquake in Nepal. Thousands of people died and those who were alive were with nothing in hand. And now, I guess they must be feeling unfortunate of not getting died as their horrible times still persist.

Sajha Sawal Episode:

Surfing through the internet and following one of the best debate programs broadcasted in Nepali television ‘Sajha Sawal’, I found an episode which is very beautifully directed and fairly presented but still painful. The presenter, Bidhya Chapagain has been doing a great job visiting the mostly damaged areas by earthquake and collecting the details about the conditions which the victims are facing.

In this video, it’s clearly mentioned that she had visited Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk after 2 months of that black day, Baishak 12. And now, when she visited after 9 months hoping for any improvements of the victim’s lifestyle, the pain is still the same. The changes are barely found, though hundreds of national and international organizations went there with relief aids.
The victims who were promised to be given financial aid by the government to build their demolished houses are still in the temporary fragile shelters which can leave the company at any time. Hearing them talk makes different senses. Some are still hopeful of getting relief aid from the government, some have stopped believing rumors and some sound so aggressive towards the government who haven’t still taken a bold step towards the reconstruction.

The Difficulties:

As per their saying, whatever relief aid they have been given are either useless or out of date. They haven’t been provided with the fundamental needs. The delay in relief aid and useless aid; all of these might be happening because of the corrupted leaders in our country. Corruption in such condition and with the aids of those poor victims, may those bastards be blessed.

As they describe their troubles since that black day till now, it strongly strike deep into anyone’s heart. Every roof has fallen, people lost their loved ones, people had to leave the village at the age of 80+, students deprived of their study, had to travel miles to fetch water, no food to eat, the wait for the relief aid and many more difficulties which are being faced by them.

Watching this video would make anyone emotional I bet. There’s one scene which is too much painful. A woman says with painful voice and teary eyes, “before the earthquake, at least my husband was with me. Earthquake came and took him away from me. And my hard days started.”

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