Life is not only B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

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Just two months, I had written an article on “How the inevitable death is so imperative for humankind?” There I had gotten a comment which said, “It’s been made clear that why do we live, why do we struggle so hard even if we know that we’re going to die one day. But, it doesn’t explain the meaning of life. What do you think about it?” 

I became speechless reading that comment. The question was so genuine but totally unanswerable for me at least at that very moment. But, this was in my mind that I’ll get back to that comment someday. 

Maybe today is that day

Well, I believe I haven’t lived enough number of years to know what the exact meaning of life is. Whenever I try to think about it, I go totally numb. It spins my head around, tosses me in the wind, overwhelms me with the bemusing feelings and in the end, what I get is nothing. There are a lot of people who have gone mental doing meditation to know the meaning of life. There may be someone still there who must have left everything they have in search of the answer to this huge question. Then, who the hell am I? No one. Just another human, right? 

I cannot say what the essence of life is. But, these twenty-five years, which I’ve lived so far have taught me quite a lot. It’s mysterious. It’s unpredictable and vague at the same time.

The kind of day you are living today might never happen again. You might never get a chance to create the kind of moment you are having at this time. The feelings might never erupt again. The companionship, friendship or relationship you are enjoying today might never stay forever. The love, lust, and appetite you are blessed with might never come across your way again. Your present might never show it’s face again to you in your future.
There’s only one formula; whatever you have today, you’ve got to appreciate them and move along. Move along hoping the bests are still to happen; if they do, you’d want to embrace them from your heart but, if not, you’ve got to manage accordingly. The gist is, you’ve got to keep yourself satisfied and content.  

Amid all your hard works and struggles; one thing is clear, you never might get what you wish for. Or whatever you get, you never might be satisfied with it. You just have to maintain the state of your mind and heart. Human heart actually is a bitch; it never gets satisfied and loses the interest to something with time. That’s how we never can stick to something forever. Thus, there arises the need to mold and redesign our interests or dreams regularly. 

Remember! Life is not only B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Rather, it is a bit beautiful, a bit ugly, a bit good, a bit bad, a bit awesome, a bit worst, a bit happiness, a bit sorrow, a bit easy, a bit tough, a bit of luck and a bit of hard work. But, on top of all, struggles are what it is made up of. 

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