New Year And The Resolutions

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The year 2018 has just started and I see people making resolutions to accomplish by the day it ends. I seriously doubt if it will be followed strictly or not; if it will be remembered till it is achieved or not.

The resolution, for me, always feels like ‘setting aim in life’ as it gets lost within the stormy conditions of our life and in the end, we have to deal as per the situation.

But, it’s always ok. People are at least being aware of setting goals for the upcoming year. That’s a good thing itself. Being able to achieve or not is another thing.
the resolutions I see around are normally similar. If someone is addicted to smoke, alcohol or any other harmful things; they have this resolution to quit consuming such things. If Someone is obese; they will have this goal to start going the gym, exercising or dieting and stay fit and healthy. For some professionals, learning new things, being an expert and strengthening the portfolio would be added to the list of resolutions. And the most common resolution is to keep doing what one loves as a passion more vigorously than before.
But, I feel like all of these things are always secondary. The primary thing to do would be to become a better human by heart than before. Why doesn’t anyone make a resolution like ‘In this year, I’ll try to be a better human than in the previous one‘? Why doesn’t anyone set goals like ‘I will build more politeness, be nicer, develop good behaviors and attitude, love and respect everyone in this coming year than before‘?

For me, a fat guy smoking a cigarette but having a lovely heart is more appreciable than a physically fit and skilled person with offensive behavior. Maybe this is what today’s world needs most than any other thing.

So, every time you kick-off a new year, make sure you keep this thing at the top of the resolutions list. And yes! Best wishes from my side; have an wonderful year.
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