What Hurts Much?

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.Close your eyes and think once, what hurts much? what are the things that hurt you so much? Waking up early for work? building the career pathway? chasing your all time dream? workload/pressure? time/money management? not getting enough time for friends? satisfying yourself and parents? break up in your relationship?

Apart from all of these, what I think the most hurtful thing is ‘seeing your parents growing old’. We, the young people are so busy with our life. Till the end of our graduation, we get so occupied with the college stuff and the so-called building foundation for our career things. Afterwards, getting a job and working hard for future being away from home (mostly) has been making us so engaged with ourselves. And the next? Chasing the ultimate dream or mission of your life to make it meaningful enough.

Amidst of all these rush, we never get a chance to notice our parents age. We love celebrating our birthday every year. But, at the same time, we don’t realize that our parents have passed yet another year from their life.

When I get a call from home, I notice my parents’ voice, which I found is growing older and older incorporating more cough and dullness in the tone. Every time I visit my home, I notice my parents’ facial skin, which I found is growing more and more rough. The curvy threads on their face are extending the age of their life. A little walk or climbing of the upstairs make them tired. I notice them breathing heavily.

All these things hint me that they are getting old and edging towards the rear end. When they grow more fat in their body or even when they grow more lean and thin, both of the conditions deject me. Because the former one might lead them to a package of diseases while the latter one suggests that they are being deprived of enough rest. Whatever it is, it feels so unpleasing. 

It’d be so saddening to say that they actually don’t have much time to spend on this earth. We will never understand their sacrifices and compromises they have made for the sake of our happiness until we, ourselves become a father or mother. So, we’ve got to spend more time with them and make them happy at this moment for tomorrow or someday we may not regret. They are our everything, they are our god who created our life and designed us. They are the one who made us who we are today.

I urge you all; the next time you talk to your parents’ on phone, notice their voice. The next time you go home, notice their face and their body. They might look aged but make sure that the charm in their face is not being faded away for they are our everything. They are our god who created us and designed our life. Yes! they are the one who made us who we are today, for they are the epitome of greatness.

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