Manjushree Trail; One single circuit trail around Kathmandu valley

Have you ever gazed the hills around Kathmandu valley closely enough and imagined a hidden interconnecting single trail? Well, if you haven’t then someone has. Mr. Sushant Bajracharya, a solo traveler has been vigilant enough and is ready to hike and camp for 14 straight days with his team to find that hidden single trail that connects all hills around Kathmandu valley

Dr. Govinda KC; A Lone Crusader

Maybe no one needs the introduction of Dr. Govinda KC to know who he is. His humanitarian works define him quite well. The philanthropic activism he’s been involved in since few years to eradicate the corruption prevailing in the medical sector of Nepal, properly explains what kind of man he is. 


No-Shave November; Everything You Need To Know

The month November has just started. And today’s generation knows the unique significance of this month as far as I believe. Rather than just ‘November’, this month is well known as ‘No-Shave November’ when boys/men grow moustache and beard not trimming them throughout the month. Sounds quite cool, doesn’t it?


Nepal Idol is more than just a singing competition

Reality shows specially singing competitions are my favorite ones. I remember the times when Indian Idol was being broadcasted, the level of excitement used to be too damn high. Now, that the ‘Idol Franchise’ has come to Nepal, it has become the top television show to not miss in Nepal. I have been following it since day one.


Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s second stint as a PM of Nepal in a nutshell

Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, who once used to be a loathsome person in Nepali politics for leading the decade long civil war killing thousands of Nepali citizen has finally earned respect from all Nepali people as his second stint as 39th Prime Minister of Nepal undoubtedly turned out to be a productive and progressive one for Nepal.

My take on the movie “Loot 2”

The movie “Loot”, which somehow changed the trend of Nepali movie industry and the perspective of Nepali people towards Nepali movies, was undoubtedly a blockbuster. As soon as the Director of the movie, Nischal Basnet announced about releasing the sequel of the same as “Loot 2”, people’s excitation and eagerness were at peak.