My overwhelming feelings over any particular subject.

An open letter to a Dad from his Son

I never thought that I could express whatever I have in my heart for you. Today I am doing this, that too, being dependent on this piece of paper, few drops of ink and the words scribbled on it. See, how impotent I am. I don’t know what stops me from opening my heart and laying it down in front of you; hesitation, fear or embarrassment; I don’t know.


Life is not only B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Remember! Life is not only B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Rather, it is a bit beautiful, a bit ugly, a bit good, a bit bad, a bit awesome, a bit worst, a bit happiness, a bit sorrow, a bit easy, a bit tough, a bit of luck and a bit of hard work. But, on top of all, struggles are what it is made of.


Viber & Mom!!

Recently, my Mom got a smartphone. The one which can run ‘Viber’. Dad must have taught her how to make a viber call, that’s why everyday I find ‘missed calls’ being piled up in my viber call log. Maybe she found it’s kind of fun using Viber rather than the phone which costs as well. She doesn’t even care if I’m online or not, she just keep dialing.

What Hurts Much?

Think once, what are the things that hurts you so much?
Waking up early for work? building career pathway? workload/pressure? time/money management? not getting enough time for friends? satisfying yourself and parents? break up in your relationship?

Types of people in Nepal during Christmas

Well, besides the actual Christians here, tonight someone is celebrating Christmas Eve with a blasting party while someone is just living yet another normal day of his or her life. Thinking about the reasons behind these, I thought of categorising the Nepali people (non Christians) into different types based upon the ‘interest’ and ‘affording capacity’.

I am neither a THEIST nor an ATHEIST!!

‘I’ am neither a theist nor an atheist. God neither exist nor ‘doesn’t exist’ for ‘me’. ‘I’ neither have seen nor felt God. ‘I’ neither love nor hate God. ‘I’ neither have belief in theism nor the disbelief.
Because ‘I’ am a human being. Better to say, the word ‘I’ represents ‘human beings’.