My own creation

Tuki – 3rd Runner up, Wordism Finale 2073/74

Firewood burning, thick smoke raising above,dark stains on the ceiling and a kerosene lamp (Tuki) trying as hard as possible to light the dark room. Somewhere in the rural part of Nepal, a small family in Sisnebhanjyang village was living somehow in such a bleak ambience.


After Years….

The happiness of seeing you after years and the sadness of being detached from your life; both thumped me so hard at the same time. The moment was jubilant as well as dismal. It felt like everything yet nothing for me. The feelings were so ambiguous. They were coming from out of the world.

The Unknown Call

Small and beautifully designed white colored clock placed by the side of his bed. The…

The Mysterious voice I heard…!

While the conductor was playing some tricky game to bring people in, I was lost somewhere in my feeling but when I retrieved myself to that horrible situation, I discovered a girl standing just in front of me facing the opposite side. I couldn’t see her face but just her black silky hair and her backbone covered with red hood.

While I was on A Lift..!

It was dark and things couldn’t be seen vividly. From back, I could see nothing of that guy besides his huge back and black helmet. When I tried to have a glance, only I could see was his fist monitoring the gear by the left one and accelerating by another.