Some real happenings

Story of a tenant in Kathmandu City

Your room barely seems like a place where a living person resides. It just feels a space with four dead walls surrounding. And you have no one other than those walls to listen and witness your unpleasant story. That’s how you start to believe the saying, “walls do have ears.”

The Despaired Face

“No. No. You cannot just leave right now. Can’t you understand how much work load…

The Black Cigarette..!

By the appearance, she seemed too young. No lipstick on her juvenile lips, no make-up on her babyish cheeks. But her eyes were scorching. Fiery they were indeed with the heavy eyeliner on her eyebrows. Her hair was tied together at back.

He’s Dai, Not Bhaiya.

Not only a strong breeze, it was a typhoon of displeasure that ran across my mind and reached my heart. I felt so bad for that poor guy. A Nepali citizen dishonoured by another Nepali and he trying to identify himself. Such a shame for all of us. such a ridiculous stuff that was.