Nepal Idol is more than just a singing competition

Reality shows specially singing competitions are my favorite ones. I remember the times when Indian Idol was being broadcasted, the level of excitement used to be too damn high. Now, that the ‘Idol Franchise’ has come to Nepal, it has become the top television show to not miss in Nepal. I have been following it since day one.


Hemant Rana’s Saili is absolutely Heart Quivering

The each and every word of the lyrics actually cries with those men and women in such condition. The music indeed makes us feel the discomfort. The goosebumps, the trembling heart and the dejected eyes that every other viewer feel proves that the music, lyrics and video have successfully hit right to the left side of the chest of every Nepali people.

Like I’m gonna lose you | Priyanka Karki & Ayushman Joshi Cover

We could feel that the partnership was going to rock this field. And no wonder, they are again with another duet cover song just after the completion of 8th month from the release of the first one. This time, they have picked up a very famous song by Meghan Trainor ‘Like I’m gonna lose you’.

Laure’s album ‘Chup Laag’ is hitting the market!!

Ashish Rana AKA ‘Laure’, who made himself a fine space in Nepali music industry starting from the reality show called ‘Rap Battle’ two years ago is now back with an album named ‘Chup Laag’. There won’t be a debate if I say Laure’s album ‘chup laag’ is hitting the market’.

Khai by Bartika Eam Rai from her debut album ‘Bimbaakash’

Bartika Eam Rai, a very unknown name in Nepali music industry. But, I can smell with such debut song she gonna rise soon. The most shocking thing indeed is that the lyrics, music and voice, everything is her’s. Such a talent I would say.