The travel stories/experiences

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking (Day 3)

The last day of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking (Day 3) was indeed something for us. This was the day which was going to pay us for the previous two days’ agony. Yes! The sunrise from Poon Hill at the altitude of 3210 m. 


Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking (Day 2)

The second day of our Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking. We couldn’t afford to waste our time at Ghandruk. So, we packed our bags right away and became ready to backpack to the astounding place at an altitude of 2874m; Ghorepani. 


Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking (Day 1)

Ever since I started to love trekking and travelling, Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking was one of my dream trek destinations. No wonder, the jubilation was on the peak when I finally accomplished it; that too with my best buddies. 


An adventurous trip to Dakshinkali & Sisneri

Monsoon, rain and muddy roads; they are just perfect to trouble travellers. Still, we were in the mood to enjoy each and every bit of the moment. The adventurous journey to Dakshinkali and Sisneri was indeed memorable one.


When monsoon hits Balthali

We desperately needed to travel to somewhere. But, it’s monsoon season going on and maybe not a good time to travel around. So, this time we decided to hike to any of the short destinations from Kathmandu. Hence, Balthali was what we chose, which is a famous nearby destination from the valley. And when monsoon hits Balthali, it looks just too majestic. I would say that this was the shortest yet beautiful travel I have done so far.