The Unknown Call

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Small and beautifully designed white colored clock placed by the side of his bed. The hour and minute hands of the table clock hit 12:00 at a time.
Yes, it was 12:00 AM and his phone rang. He, Alok was having a deep sleep letting his mind to have sufficient rest from all the tedious work of the day. He got intruded by his phone’s ringtone, which was also sleeping with him under the warm blanket trying to have a peaceful time at night.

Alok pulled himself out of his deep sleep cursing the caller for detaching him from one of the best things for him. It was dark all around; he couldn’t find the phone, as he didn’t remember where he kept it last night before being dozed off. Following the vibration he somehow tracked it down. The brightness of the phone made his sleepy eyes struggle a bit to discover who was calling at that time. It was a new number and the time was exactly 12 o’clock.

New number and its midnight. Who might it be? A ghost?” he was astonished. He answered the call anyway.

“Hello. Who is it?” with a dozy sound he initialized the conversation.

“Happy Birthday.” A soft voice transmitted from the other side roused him up from his sleep completely.
It was his birthday and he didn’t realize because of the deep sleep. He had already scheduled the plan for the day though.

Oops! It’s my birthday. How can I forget? But, who is she? I’m familiar with this voice by the way.” He took few seconds to think before thanking the unknown first wisher.

“Ah! Thank you. But I apologize that I can’t recognize you.” He replied with regret for not being able to know her. His mind still was checking all the voices that were saved in there.

“No need to recognize me. Why would you do that by the way?”
While he was still trying to find out who she was, she sent her last sentence.

“OK! I just called to wish you on your birthday. I’ll hang up now.” And the phone line was disconnected without the word ‘Bye’.
As soon as she hanged up the call he realized who she was.

“Holy crap! It was she. Smriti.” He whispered.
Smriti, his ex-girlfriend with whom he had a relationship lasting for a year.

He was stunned by that call. Now, there was no chance that he would regain his lovely sleep too soon. Then, he forced himself out of the blanket.

How on earth did she call? Why actually? I don’t think there’s anything left to bridge us. Then, all of a sudden, why this call? Is it suggesting me anything?” His mind started searching for any possible reason behind that call. He was startled, indeed.

The ambiance of his room was dark and mum. He couldn’t see anything other than the flash back of that ‘new number’. He couldn’t hear anything but those three sentences he perceived a moment ago was reverberating in his room. He just positioned him on the bed with both of his palms covering his face.
He was in dilemma.

Am I thinking about the call too much beyond the necessity? Should I just let it go, ignore it and sleep? Or should I try to decode the purpose of this call?” He was unable to figure out what to do.

Within that tranquil surrounding, one thing he heard was the ticking sound of his table clock. He switched on the light. The first thing he saw in front of him was the same small and well-designed white colored table clock. It showed that it was 12:05, a minute of awkward conversation he had and since four minutes he was trying to get the gist of that call.
Then, suddenly he came to realize that she was the one who gifted him the clock. With his eyes glued to that ticking clock his mind started reminding him of those marvelous days.

Oh! Those days. How enchanting and romantic they were. We were so lively. The pleasure was so pure and heavenly. Those were the best days of my life for sure. Having her in my life even for a short period was a real privilege for me. Maybe the best things in this world come with an expiry date. And my bad that I counted her as one of the best things that ever happened to me. Maybe that was the reason why we couldn’t take the situation in our control and had to give up. Maybe god up above didn’t write her name in the script of my life. Still, whatever the reason was, I am happy that a phase of my life includes her. The one who was so perfect for me.
But it’s been already a year since we had to depart our way. Then, all of a sudden, calling me today. Why? What should I make of it? Do she wants to come back in my life? Is she throwing some signal towards me? How should I interpret it? Should I approach one more time?”

Maybe the best things in this world come with an expiry date.

He thought a lot. Maybe too much than he should. He couldn’t control himself in that very situation. Now, his dilemma was taking a turn. He started thinking about a re-union. No matter if he was mistaken or not, he assumed that maybe with that call she was sending him some secret message straight to his heart. Maybe the ‘Birthday wish’ was only a reason to get to him.

Call. Should I call back? No. Hell no. That would be a silly thing to do. I should drill down her recent status of her life first.” He wanted to take some real step approaching her.

Facebook. It was the only media to know about her. He immediately logged himself in and searched with her name. Luckily he found her, as she hadn’t managed any deep security policies in her Facebook account. Scanning down her profile he found that she was now working in some private company. He scrolled down and found a latest post on her timeline. It was a photo posted by her with a caption “Time spent with you is always awesome” and someone was tagged. Looking down the photo he found her being glued with a guy.

His heart-felt a heavy shock right there. Scrolling down through the comments in that post, he figured out that he maybe the new man in her life.
Now, he felt the shock stronger and sharper. He stopped right there and closed her profile page as there was no reason left to inspect further.

First, you came to my troublesome life being a light of hope. With your charming and adoring company, I was finding a way through the hinder. And then, like a magical power something just took you away from me. I was crippled and helpless for sometime. I somehow learnt gaining the acceleration of my life without you. Then, out of nowhere you came in my life-like an uninvited guest, a minute of conversation and I started to dream again. Now, you are gone again leaving me in the slum all alone. And you must be there thinking about a next sweet caption to put on the forehead of a new click you take with your beloved one.
You shouldn’t have called

And he packed himself up again inside his blanket trying to doze himself up with a doubt if he’ll be able to sleep that night.

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