The most Beautiful Girl fell asleep in my arm

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The most beautiful girl
Fell asleep in my arm
Her face was god’s art
Possessive was her charm

I was returning home from the hills
Petrol was scarce
Getting a ride!!??
Nope, not a chance !

Out of nowhere appears a mini van
Fifty people gathered, ready to pay all they can

With all my might, i got in
Helper showed me the back seat,
This angel was already dozin’
Seven people squeezed in,
I wished i was a bit thin

Managed to rest half my butt
Driver closed the door shut
The engine went vut-vut-vut

My leg got cramps,
Didn’t care, because,
The most beautiful girlT
was falling asleep in my arms

My heart began daydreaming
What if we dated !?
But the brain said “dude! your leg is dead,
It must be amputated !!”

Hours later we reached home,It was warm
But she’ll never know I wrote a poem for-
the most beautiful girl, who fell asleep in my arm.

Author– Bijay Dahal

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