Trekking: Kalinchowk-Charikot-Dolakha Bhimsen

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While most of the people prefer Kalinchowk trip during winter in pursuit of snowfall, we planed for it to have a perfect beginning of the new year 2074. So, before jumping to our story I’ll provide you few important details about the same trek.

Kathmandu – Charikot (around 6 hours by bus)

Charikot – Kuri (around 1.5 hours by bus/around 4 to 5 hours by foot and for that you’ll have to get off from the bus at a place around 5kms before Charikot)
Kuri – Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple (around 1.5 hours uphill walk)
Charikot – Dolakha Bhimsen (around half an hour by bus)

Nrs. 3000 to 3500

Majestic kuri village
Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple
Dolakha Bhimsen Temple

Now, the story in detail:

We took the local bus from Old Buspark early in the morning at 06:30 AM and traveling uphill and downhill off-road via Dolalghat, Sukute Beach and Mude, we reached the place (around 5 kms before Charikot) from which we were told to start our trek towards Kuri village.

The trek started at around 1 PM. We mostly took the way through the thick and thin forest just to avoid the terrible dust (Kathmandu itself has gifted us this precious thing so much that we couldn’t afford to handle it there). On the way, we found not a single person/group walking up for Kuri. Everyone prefers local vehicles on that route. However, there were people returning down and we would ask each and every one about the tentative time to reach Kuri. Sometimes we would feel motivated while sometimes we would be hopeless. Still, we moved on.

Walking slowly & continuously, talking with the strangers, taking break, having energy bars, breathing our lungs out, fighting with the dust and going deep down into the woods; we finally made it to Kuri at around 6 PM. The thing that we were being scared of happened, all the hotels were booked already. After a hard fight, we got an accommodation in a comparatively less standard hotel but that didn’t matter. We got one, that was the big thing.
Then what? Fire was lit, woods were ablaze, songs were played and sung till every throat gave up, new faces around, dancing bodies; even the rain could not stop. Later, curling up our chill body inside the warm blanket, we ended the day spectacularly.

Heavenly view 🙂

Next day, the caressing touch of the cool breeze entering from the window woke me up. Struggling with the blocked nostrils and heavy head, I opened the curtains of the window and was astounded seeing everything outside covered with white blanket. I was overwhelmed by the snowfall of the last night, which was something we didn’t even dare to expect. The greenery all around which I adored the last day was all white. It was indeed ravishing and I was thankful to dear god for letting my eyes to kiss such terrific views.

With more exhilaration and enthusiasm, we freshened ourselves up, warmed ourselves with hot tea, packed everything we need and camped ourselves within more layers of clothes. As we started marching towards the Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple at the top of the mountain, the never expected white cottons started to shower again. Yes! It was snowing in APRIL. I hadn’t experienced such perfect epitome of ‘icing on the cake’ before.

The uphill way
If only putting these stones above each other would fulfill our wish to build castle of our dreams.

A long queue of people in the narrow way through the hill, some climbing up while some climbing down. Some with friends, family, relatives while some with their beloved ones. Everyone was smiling, laughing, playing with snow, capturing and cherishing the moment to the fullest. Some aunties were smelling ‘garlic and timur’ to avoid altitude sickness. While everyone was busy caring themselves, an aunt was distributing glucose powder to not let people feel exhausted on the way. So, gracious of her. I had a pinch as well.

Majestic Kuri from the top
Snowfall – icing on the cake

It didn’t take more than one and half hours to reach the Bhagwati Temple at an altitude of 3842m from sea level, which was the spot where Goddess Kali killd Raktabija as per the legend. The myth says, “once you exit the temple premises, you shouldn’t return”. To know more about the myths and legends:

One thing I liked much about that uphill journey was everyone was being nice to each other. As the road was slippery, every other person was suggesting to walk carefully and slowly holding the bars tightly. Everyone was motivating and encouraging others. It seemed like everybody was trying to do some good deeds but then, it happens only in the premises of such holy places. Once they exit, they become the same old humans with less of humanity.

The Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple
कुन मन्दिरमा जान्छौ यात्री , कुन मन्दिरमा जाने हो ?
Ring! Ring till the sleeping humanity awakens
The colors at Kalinchowk Bhagawati

With more memorable downhill journey, we reached back to Kuri at around 10 AM. Then, after having light breakfast, we hurried up to return to Charikot. It took not more than one and half hours to reach there via a Bolero. From there, we headed towards Dolakha Bhimsen Temple by local bus which took further around half an hour. To know about this Temple:

The roofless Dolakha Bhimsen Temple
Let it glow to illuminate the darkness around

After all this, we traveled back to the city of dusts, Kathmandu at 03:30 PM.

I repeat, Life seldom hands you with such precious moments. The time I spent there was incredibly beautiful. It’s not only about the majestic place and ‘icing on the cake’ kind of moments but also the priceless time I cherished with new faces in our life. Those are gonna be tattooed in my heart for sure. Should this life spare me for another congenial time, I wouldn’t think for another second to run there for rewinding those blissful scenes of my life and reviving myself.

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