It contain the write-ups reflecting my feelings, which are engendered during my blogging journey as per my mood and conditions. A lot of times, I happen to find myself overwhelmed by different kinds of thoughts hovering around my mind. And I just like to jot them down here. Later, whenever I or any other reader read it, it will make my heart an open book, which everyone can just turn and read. Because I never like to keep myself undercover; I never like to keep secrets. Even if I cannot narrate my inner feelings to others directly, I will be doing it via this section.

what hurts much
What Hurts Much?

Think once, what are the things that hurts you so much?
Waking up early for work? building career pathway? workload/pressure? time/money management? n…

Dashain Reminiscence!!

Yes! I’m home as the festive air is swirling all around. I’m here to celebrate Dashain as before. But, you know what? I can’t feel that exhilaration, …

Birthday Message!!

Think for a second, that yet again you lost a year from your life, you got one more year older, and you went through your life one inch more. Life is …