Creative Writing

Well, this section ‘Creative Writing’ is all about how creative my mind can be that includes stories and poems.

The fictional stories are the ones created by  myself that can extend to various genres. I guess, I have been able to do this because of my habit of reading novels a lot, mostly fictional ones. 
Not only fictional, I like to write non-fictional stories as well based upon the real-happenings either to myself or others. Sometimes, I write my own experience or something narrated by others in a form of story.

Apart from these, what I think is poetry is an indispensable part of literature. I am very much influenced by the same. The poems mostly slam poetry is the one genre I like to play with mostly.

after years
After Years….

The happiness of seeing you after years and the sadness of being detached from your life; both thumped me so hard at the same time. The moment was jub…

The Despaired Face

“No. No. You cannot just leave right now. Can’t you understand how much work load we have to handle on Saturday?” The vehicle wash centre’s owner scre…

colorful day
The Colorful Day!!

That was an immense crowd,
I was there in between,
Trying to get involved with others,
But a bit lost,
A bit bypassed and
My heart asleep…