Apart from all the fictional and non-fictional stories, what I think is that poetry is an indispensable part of literature. I am very much influenced by the same. The poems mostly slam poetry is the one genre I like to play with mostly.

The Fear of Commitment

The Fear of Commitment!! Oh! Please,  Stop right there,  Don’t approach,  Don’t take even one more step ahead,  Halt yourself,   halt your…

12 AM Poetry!!

I desperately need to fall asleep,
the sound of raindrops outside won’t let me,
the cool wind coming in from the window won’t let me,…

Come! Let's talk
Come. Let’s Talk!!

Let’s talk,
For my eardrums can’t wait to beat with your voice,
For my eyes can’t wait to scan yours,
For my vocal cord can…

colorful day
The Colorful Day!!

That was an immense crowd,
I was there in between,
Trying to get involved with others,
But a bit lost,
A bit bypassed and
My heart asleep…